#StitchedSaturday Return of the Living

Due to the Corona Virus shutting down most of the world many people are stepping up and reaching out to do something-anything-for friends and neighbors.

Authors are even giving their books away for free to help pass the time.

We decided to bring back #StitchedSaturday and once more share the talent off your favorite authors! Not only does it keep our writers busy, but it give our readers something to look forward to, and participate in.

We’ve been doing it for years but recently tapered off because of lack of participators. I can tell you, the fans have expressed disappointment. Hopefully, now with everyone having time on their hands, the offers of free stuff being tossed into the pile, and readers voraciously looking to fill the time, we can revive #StitchedSaturday to its former glory!

Stay tuned to this bat channel for more!

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