#StitchedSaturday March 28th

Artist info soon

Rules to participate:

Please read the rules carefully. We want everyone to be able to participate and to do that we need order.

Word Count: do not exceed 1000 words

Send to: Stories should be e-mailed to stitchedsaturday(at)gmail.com with author’s name, “about me”, any links you want to share, and if you have one please share an author pic. If you are not ask author, do this for fun. We’d like to know more about you!

Comment: please comment on there stories and show your appreciation. A simple, “great read” or, “thanks!” will do. Liking and sharing the post helps us as well. You’re getting a free story, share the wealth.

Try to only send me one, clean copy of your story. Sending multiples because you forgot to fix something end up confusing and bogs down my email.

Have fun. Show off your talent. Encourage one another.

Due Date: March 26th by midnight CST.

Late entries will not go on the site. We all have to learn to work within deadlines and I have lots to do. Please try to respect the time and with that goes into this.

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