A Brand New Year 2020

Stitched Smile Publications has gone through many changes in the years it has been active. Since 2015, our house has pushed the limits of expectation for independent authors. We’ve dedicated countless hours to mentoring, and building our brand.

In 2020, it will happen again. With many small presses emerging, we’ve re-evaluated our mission and have come to a conclusion. Our passion is the story. We want to help authors tell the best version of their story and we want authors who are dedicated to the art of writing. We aren’t a huge press with a fat budget, but what we have is talent. Editors who are formally trained, seasoned veterans of the publishing world, and talented staff who have a burning passion to succeed.

Our company is redirecting our journey to helping authors who want to remain tethered to the craft. We wish to serve those who are looking for a family atmosphere, filled with support, advice, and guidance. We are looking for authors who want to roll up their sleeves and become part of a team where no one person is more important than the others.

Here, at Stitched Smile Publications, we’ve decided our journey is ripple effect. Dropping small pebbles in the pond doesn’t make a big splash, but the ripples travel to each point of the shore. We’ve designed our company to lead authors to the water and expect nothing less than for them to get in and swim. We work hard-together-and celebrate the successes in the same manner.

From our family to yours – have a beautiful new year. We wish you love, success, and happiness.

— The House of Stitched Family

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