#StitchedSaturday 2/16/19 – Nick Gray

innocent blood tomas boersner

The Cries of a Newborn

Nick Gray


Tina awoke to the cries of her newborn baby. Looking over at the clock, she noticed it had only been a half an hour since she had cooed the baby to sleep. She rolled over, hair a mess, and put a hand onto her husband’s shoulder, shaking it to wake him up, to no prevail. She sighed and got up from her bed to go and check on the little one.

The hallway was dark, so dark that she had to flip the light switch to luminate the hall itself. But as soon as she did, the light burst and burned out. Just her luck.

 She groggily walked down the hallway, her child’s screams piercing her ears. She rubbed her eyes to remove the sleepy crust that had formed during her thirty-minute nap. She took a few more steps towards the door, when she came to a halt. Her babies’ screams had stopped. At first, she was relieved. The baby must’ve cried itself to sleep, she thought. As she began to turn back, a shiver went down her spine. Something didn’t feel quite right. She remembered that the little one never just stopped crying. It took at least twenty minutes of rocking her in her arms, singing a lullaby, for her to get a little sleepy. This was not normal.

She slowly crept to her child’s door, eyes still adjusting to the dark, floorboards creaking under her feet. Once reaching the door, she put a hand onto it and slowly pushed the door open. As her eyes slowly scanned the room, she saw toys lying about next to the newborn’s crib. Tons of knickknacks and stuffed animals lay across the bedroom floor. Then she saw it.

Two glowing orbs floating over her child’s crib. She stared intensely as her eyes adjusted to the dark room, more details began to emerge. Those weren’t Orbs, no, not at all. Those were eyes! The figure finally came to fruition. A bald, pointy-eared being hung upside down on the ceiling above her child’s crib. Its pasty body molded into her eyes. Its teeth were too large for its mouth, piercing this way and that out of its mouth. Then, it slowly extended its bat-like wings and let out a hiss before launching itself out of the open window.

At first Tina was frozen in shock and fear. Then motherly instincts kicked in and had her rushing towards her baby’s crib. She peered into the crib and then let out a blood-curdling scream.

Her baby was pale and skeletal. The baby’s ribs protruded and where the baby’s tubby belly was an indent. It was thin, shockingly thin! It looked like it hadn’t eaten in days! The seemingly malnourished newborn had bite marks embedded into the side of its neck with small droplets of blood staining the cribs sheets next to the baby’s head. The baby’s head lolled to the side and let out its final breath. The newborn had had its blood sucked dry.

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