2019 . . . February so far!

New website?

So I’ve signed up for Wix to create a website but I need to watch some YouTube tutorials to see what I’m doing. I tried just going at it and there’s no way. I’ve never set up a website. I don’t know if this WordPress counts. It was super easy to set up.

Works in Progress:

I got the edits back from my amazing editor, Bailey Henderson, for “Between the Pages – Chapter Three: Jamal.” There are a lot and I expected this. After reading back what she’s done, I realize how much better the book will be. I’m a little over halfway finished with her edits but this baby is 20K words as opposed to the 8-9K that Chapters One and Two were. But I am loving this story and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

My short story Collection, “Transparent Walkways,” which is being published by Stitched Smile Publications, will be out this spring! I’m so excited! I think we just finished the last of the edits or we are very, very close to being done. The cover photo was taken by my friend, Karen Janczak, and if Lisa Vasquez is doing the cover, she will turn it into a masterpiece, as she always does.



I’ve had to have “Salvation,” my zombie post apoc novel, removed from Amazon (trying to get the paperback taken down too). Without getting into all the gory details, that publisher has disappeared on me so I will have to re-publish it myself. At least some of my messages to him have gotten through because he did get Amazon to take down the Kindle. I’m going to do a re-write (fixing some things that reviewers mentioned were confusing) with a new cover and most likely a new title. I didn’t think about it when I titled it “Salvation,” that it would have the same title as a hundred religious books. Ha ha! Talk about getting lost in a search on Amazon. Oops! Well, you live and you learn. So I’m tossing around a couple ideas on a new title. I’ll have my son, Zach Smith, (also a writer – got a huge sci-fi book being published by Stitched Smile Publications) make me a new cover (he does my covers for the “Between the Pages” series).

I’ve been writing short stories like crazy; I still love writing them. In fact I just finished another one and my friend, Chuck Anderson (awesome author of the Black Irish and Ocean Gores series) came up with a great title after reading it: “Troy_story.doc.” It’s darker and maybe more brutal than anything I’ve done previously but it had to be written. It’s also pretty long; over 7K words, even longer than my Pie Bingo story. My husband will look at me funny after reading it. He usually does after reading something horrific of mine. He needn’t worry, I haven’t killed him off in a story. Oh wait. Yes, I have.

Every Tuesday our family goes to a local pie shop, Proud Pie, and we play Pie Bingo. While there one night I thought to myself, “How could I make this into a story? Horror factor cranked up?” Well, I did of course and it was accepted into Kevin Kennedy’s upcoming “Horror Collection: Black Edition.” Be on the lookout for “Pie Bingo: Last Man Standing”.

I wrote a sci-fi story called “Like Clockwork” that was accepted into Burning Willow Press’ “Crossroads in the Dark V – Beyond the Borders” anthology. That is going live around the end of April.

Kevin Kennedy also accepted one of my 100-word drabbles in his “100 Word Horrors 2” anthology. It’s called “Old Katy Bridge.”

And I had a 42-word flash fiction accepted into a 42-Word anthology by BAMWrites. It may be 2020 before this one is published as it will take a lot of 42 word stories to fill a book. This was harder than writing a 100 word story and I took the harder option of creating a 42 character title for it. Now that was hard but I thought it came out pretty good and they must have too, since they accepted it. I have two others I wrote and I’m waiting to hear if they want to include either/both/neither of them. Catchy title and 42 characters: “The Aging of Pets is a More Violent Change.”

I’ve had my first rejection of the year but it doesn’t faze me. I get them all the time. There is ALWAYS another place to submit. I have three stories I’ve submitted for anthologies that I’m waiting on responses to and I entered a Medusa story contest. I’ll find out about that one April 10th.


February 17, 2019 – Saint Arnolds Brewery

Saint Arnold’s Brewing Co / Beer Hall 2nd floor for the “Beers and Art – Vintage & Art Market”, hosted by Shop Local Market and Saint Arnold Brewing Co.


Saint Arnolds post

Sunday, February 17, 2019, 11am – 4pm

2000 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020

This is first vending event for 2019. I’m excited because I’ve never vended here before. But it’s got beer, so even if I don’t sell anything, at least I’ll have fun. I’m planning to “park” next to my friend, Terry Wise, owner of Sculptured Skins. If you love leather, then you will love him! He also does custom work.


April 27–28 – Trader’s Village Comic Con

7979 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041


I finally got the dates for this and I’m excited for April to hurry up and get here. It’s a fun, free little con and I enjoy sharing a booth with my friends. We’ll be in the same spot we’ve been in for the past two years.

Booths 5111-5113

If you’re in the Houston area, come on out. I’d love to meet y’all!

Between the five of us, you will find a genre or two (or three or four) that you will love.

Veronica Smith


Chantell Renee


Stephanie Barr


Jae Mazer


Jessica Raney


May 10-12 – Comicpalooza

My friend, Stephanie Barr, and I will be sharing a booth again at Comicpalooza this year. This time we have plenty of time to plan for it. Last year we were on the waiting list and were given three days’ notice that we got a table. When you do it ahead of time, you get to pick your table and I think I picked a good spot for us; Booth 3536, right at the edge of their new Comic Creator Corner. I’m also doing my first ever panel with my friend and publisher, Lisa Vasquez.

Veronica Smith


Stephanie Barr


Wow, look at this! I hardly post much in 2018 but I’m already two posts in a month and a half into 2019. Looks like someone kicked me in the ass and got my motor started.

Ciao y’all!

Veronica Smith


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