#StitchedSaturday 2/2/19 – Shannon Grant

“Come and See”

Becky’s heart trembled underneath the dim light of the club bathroom.

As she waited for Erika, she tried to work out the vision that holding the space under the bathroom stall. The whole picture tried to work inside her mind, along with the possible idea of fearing whatever the hell it was.

It was the tail shattered the image of peace that Becky wanted the bathroom to hold inside the dark, sticky club. Its long, black prongs both welcomed and challenged her at the same time. They were like thorns on the stem of an alien rose.

Her fingers trailed along the ladies’ room door, willing it to open to reveal another person.  It didn’t have to be Erika, all it had to be was someone.

This is stupid, she thought. I could just leave. 

But there was that damn curiosity inside of her that made her not want to check out of a possible adventure. It was the same curiosity that made her want to experience the local goth scene in the first place.

That same curiosity that made her want to reach down and touch the tail.

The door banged open, almost throwing Becky backward into the sink.  She steadied herself as she saw Erika, face flushed, breathing heavily.

“Oh Goooood!” Erika squealed at the sight of Becky. “Where have you been?  I’ve been—”

Becky cut her off by bringing a finger up to the other girl’s lips to shush her. “Be quiet,” she whispered, then pointed down at the tail.

Erika’s eyes went wide as Becky slowly removed her finger. Becky gave her the look of warning she often did when her instincts told her that Erika was about to do something stupid.

“Don’t yell,” she whispered to Erika.

“What the hell is THAT?” Erika said, trying to keep her voice low.

“Not sure,” Becky answered.

The tail swayed a bit. It was long enough to reach out and almost touch Becky’s black boots. Her heart thumped as it seemed to sway closer.

“I kinda want to touch it,” said Becky.

“Don’t, Becky,” whispered Erika as she gripped the other girl’s arm. “I don’t think that’s vinyl.”

“It has to be a costume.  I don’t know why it would be anything else.”

Both girls were quiet as the tail moved back under the stall, curling around the what looked like to be feet with spikes coming out of them.

“Is this even possible?” Erika said.

Becky reached up to the paper towel dispenser behind her, ripping out a sheet and crumbling it up in her hands. She threw it at the space underneath the stall, being careful not to hit the thing, but to get its attention.

Erika’s mouth dropped open at Becky’s boldness. She had gone along with her tonight, knowing that it would be a way interesting night than what she had for herself planned at home. At that point though, standing in a dirty bathroom covered in black and red graffiti begging to be seen, with God only knew what was in the stall, she had to re-evaluate what she could consider to be “fun.”

It was the goth and fetish night at A-Bomb, the derelict club on the outskirts of town.  It was their first time, that virgin spring of March seeming to yell at them to come out and play for the night.  The darkness and heavy bass music washed over them on the inside, and shadows seemed to climb the barstools. The shadows were people in different layers of costume, as the girls showed up in all black, nothing fancy other than Erika attempting to wear a corset for the first time.

There was a sound from the stall when the paper towel hit the floor, something low and guttural coming out and hanging into the air. Whatever was behind the stall’s door had taken notice, one clawed hand coming down to flick the wad back out at Becky.

“That has to be a costume,” said Becky, then she moved to kneel on the dirty floor. She scooted closer to see better. As she did, the figure’s legs elongated, standing so that Becky could see that there was human skin there. More thorns protruded from the front of the legs, and Becky drew away.

“Hello in there,” she said.  “You ok in there?”

No answer. Then the door slowly opened.

The figure’s head peaked around the corner, looking warily at the two girls. Her dark eyes bored into them. Becky was convinced that the black stripes on her face had to be make-up.

“Hello there,” Becky said to the figure. “I really like your costume.”

“Becky,” whispered Erika. “She’s naked.”

The skin of the torso was visible, lending itself to two small breasts. A claw came around to grip the edge of the door.

“It’s ok.  We’re friendly,” Becky soothed.

The figure’s mouth opened to reveal two rows of perfect fangs.

“Come on, Becky.  This isn’t normal.” Erika’s breath quickened as she spoke. She backed away towards the door while Becky move forward.

Erika had finally found her limit when dealing with Becky. She opened the door, letting the booming music cut through the silence. She quickly went through the opening, slamming the door shut behind her.

The creature shifted and Becky could see longer prongs jutting from her back. Then she curved forward, arching her back into some kind of strange feline position. Becky was amazed by it all, still wondering how such a costume was possible as one of the prongs poked her through the abdomen. The girl didn’t have time to scream as the creature used the prong to ingest Becky into her back. The girl’s skin melted as the creature could feel the innocence seeping into her.

As the door opened wider and Becky melded with the creature, she could see the large hole in the wall next to the toilet, the stars from an unknown galaxy swirling and penetrating her vision. Becky could see where the creature had come from, its dark adventures beyond anything that she could ever imagine possible.




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