#StitchedSaturday 2/2/19 – Mindy Baker

Midnight Snack

He woke up, reaching out to pull her close: but the bed was empty where he
knows she fell asleep beside him. Sighing he slipped out of the bed, stretching his
naked body, loosening up any tension which had settled in his long sinuous limbs.
As he walked through the house, sitting high on the hill with glass walls all
around, he thought back over the years and considered all of his past conquest. He
never met anyone as satisfying as she, no other woman ever brought him as much
pleasure and enjoyment. Neither of them have any inhibitions, nor fear of judgement,
they were so compatible.
If anyone looked up at the glass house on the hill, they would have seen the
Adonis walking through in all his naked glory without a worry or a care in the world,
only a growing hunger, among other things. A hunger that can only be satisfied by
what he knows waits downstairs where the curious eyes of the outside world will not
He hummed a tune as he walked down the cement steps into the basement, then
he broke out singing, “Candy, Candy, Candy, I can’t let you go…” Then he heard the
chains rattling down below and he frowned.
“You couldn’t wait for me?” He asked, as he stepped onto the basement floor
and rounded the corner to see the woman, squeezing herself into the corner as far as
she could away from the darkened corner on the far side of the room.
The look on her face was of pure terror, she was so intent on the corner, she
didn’t even notice him walk into the room, nor heard his voice when he spoke.
“I haven’t done a thing yet, I have been waiting for you. Just seasoning the
meal, preparing her for your arrival.” A rough female voice responded with a laugh,
from the dark corner which the woman squeezing herself into the opposite corner,
continued to stare at.
He laughed, “Well, you’re doing a very good job at it, she is utterly petrified, the
scent coming from her is intoxicating.” He said, inhaling deeply, the air thickened
with the scent of fear, as he moved towards the dark corner.
The woman’s chains rattled again as she screamed and tried to climb the wall
behind her, ripping her nails from their beds as she clawed at the concrete walls
desperately trying to get away from the terrible thing in the corner, and now the man
moving towards it like he was oblivious to the sight. But then she saw something

penetrating his flesh from the inside out. No, not penetrating, escaping his flesh,
growing from his back, down the length of his spine.
The creature in the corner purred with pleasure, gyrating her hips as he stroked
the long black spikes protruding from her spine, just as his continued to spill from his
own flesh. He grew hard with anticipation as his transformation completed, while
their tantalizing desert remained in the corner, trying in vain to escape their dining
She shouldn’t have turned her back on them; her vain attempt to scratch
through the wall only destroyed her hands and increased their hunger, making her
scent more appealing with each screech she emanated from her shredded throat. A
moment later she didn’t need to worry about her fate any longer as the sharp barbed
points of their tails pierced her throat on either side, ripping her flesh wide, tearing
through her jugular, creating a bloody fountain for them to soak chunks of her flesh
in, like a human would soak fruit in a chocolate fountain.
They gorged themselves on the flesh of the ill fated woman who hours before
naively trusted them at the club, believing she was following them home for a fabulous
night of kinky sex. If only she listened closer to the song they sang and what they said
about the woman she reminded them of. If only she knew, however in another twenty
years they will repeat this night again, finding another midnight snack.
As they lay amidst the gore of their feast, they looked into each other’s eyes
longingly, now starving for the satisfaction of each others flesh. Their orgasms were
more thrilling; intense and satisfying, as their mutated bodies slick with the blood of
Candy slid together effortlessly.

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