#StitchedSaturday 2/2/19 – Jason Morton


Jason Morton



She watches as I sleep. Laughing at the little noises and gasps for breath. As I dream she stares plotting her next move. Is she beast, human, or demon?

I know she’s there but I can’t open my eyes, it’s like I’m caught in a twilight death. what do I do? What can I do?

I lay helpless, wanting to wake, but unable to wake, lost in a dream, lost to her demonic lust.

Lilith, first wife of Adam, bride of Satan, succubus, raper of souls and tonight I fear she will make her move.

Whispered words wake me up. Caught in a fog, freezing cold. Is this it? Am I going to die? I see eyes, inhuman and distorted. Red like blood, black like death and the abyss. Pinned down I cannot move, I want to scream yet cannot utter a sound at all. I can’t breath as she steals my essence and my soul, frigid cold, icy breath, sinking slower… lower and……

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