Celebrate #WiHM 2019 – Behind the Doors

Every year we celebrate Women in Horror, and we do it in many ways. This year, I’d like to celebrate the women behind the “doors” – The Editors.

At Stitched Smile Publications, we have (in my humble opinion) some of the most talented editors around. Without them, our darkest words would not be as sharpened. Join us this year in giving these ladies some love:

The Domina, and Goddess of Editing – Donelle Pardee Whiting
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Being the Gatekeeper of all the words coming through SSP isn’t an easy job, but Donelle does it with the grace of the Grim Reaper. Not only does she oversee every work coming up for release, she mentors all the editors in her care. She is the beautiful dragoness who watches over her darling brood.

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Larissa and Tara Bennett

The Duo of the Damned: This power team is what keeps SSP afloat in more ways than you can imagine. Tara is the assistant to Editor-in-Chief, Donelle, and Larissa is an editor and assistant to yours truly, Lisa Vasquez. The two of these lovely ladies keep us at a level of sanity comfortable for society.

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Lisa Lee Tone

Lisa Lee: Book reviewer extraordinaire turned editor, she is the Shadow Scythe. Culling words and harvesting souls in the process, she allows only a special few through her gates. She is a lass with sass. SSP is honored to call her “ours“.  (Forever … )

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Loretta Clem

Loretta may look like your lady next door-and she is-but she’s got a little “Arsenic and Old Lace” in them tidy corners. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you, she’s a natural with the kitchen knives and has no problem cutting deep into the stories coming across her desk.


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Deanna L. Cooley

Harry Potter meets Black Dahlia, the mysterious Deanna Cooley leads all the young, budding readers with a penchant for darkness, to our (grave)yard. She can slice, she can dice, she can Avada Kedavra your ass!


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Des Byars

New to the SSP team is mischievous Des Byars. Both an author and editor, Des brings a whole new evil to the table. Her psychologically driven horror reminds us how the real monsters are human. She cuts to the chase with matter-of-fact intelligence and whit, and is the Darque Queen’s (that’s me, duh) favorite heckler at public speaking events.



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