Stitched Saturday – February

The Stitched Saturday picture for February is of a fantasy horror bent, something which may/may not* have been heavily influenced by me revisiting the excellent Lovecraftian PS4 video game Bloodborne.

I’d love to see what stories and poems the picture below inspires, and all your submissions will be collected together and posted up for the Stitched Smile blog post on the last Saturday in February – the 24th.  No more than 1,500 words and post them as comments to this blog post.

Don’t forget – we’ll be picking the best of them for our October “Best of Stitched Smile” collection, and those chosen for publication will get $10 and an e-copy of the book upon release.

So, without further ado, here’s your picture;


Until February the 24th, #StayStitched!

* – delete as applicable

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