Why I Spend My Sundays Watching Football

My writing is very personal. Even though it’s fiction, it’s born from the dark recesses of my mind and personal experiences. It comes from a place that the people around me can’t get to. Don’t get me wrong; I have an amazing support system, and therefore am better able to handle my depression than a lot of people. But when I go deep into myself in order to write, I don’t take anyone with me. And while it needs to be that way, it can be lonely for me and isolating for my closest loved ones.

So come fall, I spend my Sundays watching football. My husband is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Raised by a Chicagoan, I also grew up cheering for the Bears. Granted, when I met my husband, I knew little of the nuances of the game; I knew when the Bears scored a touchdown, and I got mad when they lost, but that was about it. Nearly 8 years into marriage now, however, football’s become a big deal for me.



Because it’s something I can share with my husband. It’s something we can talk about. It’s something we can bond over. It’s time we spend together. It’s a few short hours a week when I’m not shutting him out so that I can work, or we’re wrangling the baby, or focusing on helping our older girls with homework, or fighting over whose turn it is to clean the kitchen.

It’s my time to be a wife, rather than a mother, or an author, or a chronic pain patient, or a sufferer of depression. It gives me a way to connect. It may seem superficial, connecting over a bunch of guys fighting over a pigskin; maybe some think it would be better if I could connect over the dark shit that goes on inside my head. But this is what works for me. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it means something to my husband that I learned to care so much about something that’s always been important to him.

That’s why I spend my Sundays watching football.

That being said, Go Bears!



Briana Robertson excels at taking the natural darkness of reality and bringing it to life on the page. Heavily influenced by her personal experience with depression, anxiety, and the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, Robertson’s dark fiction delves into the emotional and psychological experiences of characters in whom readers will recognize themselves. Her stories horrify while also tugging at heartstrings, muddying the lines of black and white, and staining the genre in multiple shades of grey.

In 2016, Robertson joined the ranks of Stitched Smile Publications. Her solo anthology, “Reaper,” which explores the concept of death being both inevitable and non-discriminatory, debuted in 2017. She also has stories included in “Unleashing the Voices Within,” by Stitched Smile Publications, “Man Behind the Mask,” by David Owain Hughes, Jonathan Ondrashek, and Veronica Smith, and “Collected Easter Horror Shorts” and “Collected Halloween Horror Shorts” by Kevin Kennedy.

She is currently serving as Head of Dark Persuasions, the dark erotic branch of Stitched Smile Publications.

Robertson is the wife of one, mother of four, and unashamed lover of all things feline. She currently resides on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, with a backyard view of the Saint Louis skyline, and is a member of the Saint Louis Writers Guild.

To find out more about Briana Robertson, please visit her website at http://www.brianarobertsonwri.wix.com/brianarobertson.


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