Houston Relief Charity Anthology #OpenCall

We are taking donations for short stories and poems for a charity anthology to help in the relief and recovery of Houston due to Hurricane Harvey. 

Title & Theme: It Came From The Water

Word Count: No Limit

Reprints ok with proof of rights

Deadline: September 30th

Payment: None – 100% of proceeds will be donated to the JJ Watt Houston Relief Foundation

Release Date: Oct 15th is the release date we are aiming for. May be sooner if all goes smoothly. I have a convention on Oct 14th I’m hoping to bring early release copies to but if not, they will do presale links on their advertising. 

This convention is in Houston for Houston Horror. 

#Billy Stuart 

Scarydad’s Haunted Halloween Show

Submit: vasquez [at] stitchedsmilepublications [dot] com with “Houston Anthology” in the subject line

The theme is what’s important and we are taking poetry as well. If any editors want to offer help please comment below (we will be checking work of volunteers for quality just to be honest). 
Houston, and the state of Texas is diverse in every way so we want this anthology to reflect that. If you have any other ideas you’d like to suggest, we are open to hear them. 

Since the point is to get this out quickly please only submit clean copy to cut down editing time. Information will be added to SSP’s website soon: http://www.stitchedsmilepublications.com
If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments below. 
(Thanks Brian Minekime for putting all the info together so neatly for me) 

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