Stitched Saturday – This weeks challenge

Remember the Crypt keeper from (the often awesome) Tales from the Crypt? He’d be introducing these pictures with a cackled “Greetings boys and ghouls, and welcome to another Stitched Saturday Challenge!”.

Sadly, the Crypt keeper isn’t available. He frankly charges too much by the hour, and he’s next to impossible to work with. Therefore, you’re stuck with me.

We have three pictures for you this week. A free and easy challenge again this time, in which there is no upper or lower word limit and you’re free to submit whatever you like – a story, a poem, a haiku… Hell, I’ll even accept limericks.

As per usual, post your macabre missive as a comment to this post and I’ll be posting them up on the blog this forthcoming Saturday.

Until next week, horror fans… remember to Stay Stitched!

<Cue Danny Elfman end credit music, interspersed with fiendish laughter>


Picture One


Picture Two


Picture Three



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