My first YA book and the short stories that I love to write!

On my last post I was still up in the air about which book I was going to start. I decided to go with the Young Adult zombie novel. This will be based on my short story, “The Treehouse,” which was published in the anthology “Bite Sized Offerings.” That had to be kid friendly so it was harder in some ways than writing anything else I’ve done. Other than that story I’ve never done YA. Usually I just write it and not worry about the horror or gore; I mean I am writing horror. But the line for YA is a fine one. I think I will either undo it or overdo it. All I can do is write it then tweak it afterwards. Which means it will take more than my usual five passes to get it right. And I’ll have to have some beta readers who are familiar with YA and give me the yea or nay on certain parts of it.

I’m actually cranking out on the book now, over 15K words. But I don’t have a title yet. Most of what I write doesn’t have a title until after I’ve written it.

I’m going to be pretty busy over the next two months. Besides writing my book the “day job”, I’ll be doing “author takeovers” at four different Book Release parties. If you’ve never been to one, they are a lot of fun.

Here’s the links the parties. They are all done online:

My novel, “Salvation,” is up on Amazon and not moving as well as I’d hoped (do they ever though?) If you like zombie and post apoc you’d enjoy this one. It’s $5 for the ebook and $14.99 for the paperback and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. If you’ve already bought and read it, thank you so much, and please post your review. The link is here:

I also have a self-published short story, “Last One in the Chamber for You, My Love,” and it is not a love story. It’s on a whole other level of different; murder and vengeance with a twist. Normaly it’s only $.0.99 for the book and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

But right now, until Wed, March 8, 2017, it’s FREE for everyone! Download it, read it, and please post your review. You can find it here:

This is new for me; published in an online magazine or E-Zine. My story, Anesthesia, was accepted into The Sirens Call E-Zine. Anesthesia is part of their Women In Horror Month #MiHm8 Issue #31. This is free to read and you’ll find it here:

I came up with this story the day after I had a routine colonoscopy a year or so ago. I wondered what really happens when you are anesthesia and my story was born.

Follow me on my Amazon page:

And in the UK!

Here’s my Twitter but I’m still getting used to it and I completely forget to use #hashtags

I’m still planning to get a vendor spot at a con with a couple other local writers at Trader’s Village in Houston in April, but no one has heard if they have a table reserved. I’m sure they are busy but I’m eager to try my first con. I have paperbacks ready to sell and I even had a banner made.

I still have seven short stories in anthologies that are still in the process of being published and five more stories that have been submitted and I’m still waiting on acceptance or rejection.

I’m reading a book called Sick to Death by an author, unfamiliar to me but recommended, named Greg Levin. I’m only about a quarter of the way in but so far it is amazing. It’s hooked me in and eager to continue reading it.

Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time next week or you’ll go into work that Monday at the wrong time. LOL

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