Good Monday Morning!

Just a friendly Monday greeting from your SSP CEO. January is coming to a close and I thought it’d be fun to introduce a little about what’s coming up this year! Are you guys as excited as we are?

This election has been a stressful one for a lot of people but one thing that can reduce stress is reading! Pick up a book and have some down time. Decompress from the madness. Give yourself a little “me time” and feed your mind.

First, lets welcome our new authors!  

* August Grappin
* Ashley Young
* Robert Teun
* Dan Naden
* Draven Ames

Welcome to the House of Stitched!

Coming in 2017! (in no particular order)

  • Hangover of the Apocalypse – Aurelio Rico Lopez III
  • Simply Put – AJ Brown
  • If We Had Voices – AJ Brown
  • The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride – Lisa Vasquez
  • Reaper – Briana Robertson
  • Bullets to Midnight – August Grappin
  • Monsters Vs. Zombies VOL 2 – Anthology
  • Low – Mike Duke
  • Parting Shot – Dan Naden
  • Humanities Hope – Pembroke Sinclair
  • Anatomy of Monsters – Anthology
  • Deadman’s Tales – Anthology (poetry and short stories)
  • Immolation – Samuel L Reese
  • Disease – MF Wahl
  • Scenes of Mild Peril – David Court
  • Tip of the Iceberg – Ash Hartwell
  • Stitched Smile Publications Birthday Anthology (VIP Edition)
  • The Infection – Justin Gowland
  • Lucas Pederson Collection
  • Mark Deloy Collection
  • Southern House – Mark Deloy
  • and a few more surprises!

We are so excited to bring you a year of amazing horror! We hope you’ll join us for the ride and we appreciate all the support you’ve given us. Without you, the reader, we would not have such an amazing lineup for 2017.

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