Stitched Saturday Flash – Chuck Knight!

The crisp autumn air gave him goosebumps as he pulled the collar of his coat tighter around his neck. The season had dropped like an anvil here. Brian started walking his normal afternoon route home from his college class. He was so close to finishing his degree, and then Jen had promised to marry him. He grew aroused at the thought of Jen. Honey blonde hair, huge green eyes. and a body that the ancient Greek artists could only imagine. She loved him, and he loved her, but she would not marry him until he has his degree. He was so lost in thought that he missed his turn, and when he realized that he was nowhere near his home, he stopped and looked around. He didn’t recognize this place, and he had grown up here. He turned to backtrack and saw nothing behind him. literally nothing. As if the world had been erased from existence. He started to run, and as he reached the nothingness, he realized he could see through his hand…too late to stop, Brian ceased to exist.

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