14971794_10157935790015713_1899420798_nLife is a blank book, and here at SSP we like to keep ourselves busy writing it. When we’re not busy flaying the innocent and wicked alike, planting the seeds of horror, and grinding bones to make our bread, we look for ways to give even more of ourselves to you, Dear Reader.

This is why we’ve decided to spread our bloody little wings and soar into the realm of magazines. That’s right, in the near future you’ll be able to pick up a quarterly copy of Stitched Smile Magazine, where we’ll bring you a curated collection of horrific offerings.

Prepare yourself for a tempting platter of horror short stories, poetry, and novel excerpts. And if that only whets your appetite don’t fear, we’ll have interviews with your favourite SSP authors, artwork, comics, fashion, and maybe even a few recipes to help you make the best of your post-apocalyptic food stash (should you ever need it).

We hope you’ll hang tight as we work hard to please you, because you’re all that matters to us. Check back here often for updates, and don’t forget to sign up the SSP mailing list so you’re the first in the know. For authors looking for submission information check here.



Horror, thriller, sci-fi … all are synonymous with author M.F. Wahl. Dark plots and a keen focus on character development will keep you chained to each frightful word. Wahl is a proud member of the Horror Writer’s Association and her first novel “Disease” is will be released by Stitched Smile in 2017. Visit for more information, or to get on the mailing list. You can also find Wahl on Facebook and Twitter.



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