My Halloween Addiction

Like most people, I have my weakness, the monkey on my back; an addiction that I can’t cure, even if I wanted to try. If there were HA meetings, I’d have to go weekly, if not daily. But I’m not in denial. I say my name with pride and hold my head high!

My name is Veronica Smith and I am an addict. I’m addicted to Halloween!

I refuse to hang my head in shame. So what if I don’t do Christmas lights or even want to put up a tree? If my husband wants cute and bright, he can climb his happy ass up on the roof and hook up all those lights without me. He likes the cute and fuzzy Christmasy things to put in the yard; but not me. Give me skeletons of all sizes and species and I get excited. Give me zombies, give me spooky! Every year I want to outdo my yard from the year before. Mostly it’s always the same with a few additions here and there, but this year I plan to do some major changes. The twelve life-sized wooden gravestones we made back in 2000, yes they are sixteen years old, are finally wearing out. We plan to keep a couple of the ones in the best condition and repaint them, giving them new faces and phrases. The little “Undead Pet Cemetery” I started two years ago won’t be so little any more. It’s expanding from mostly zombie animals to more skeleton animals as well. It’s an equal opportunity for deaders hangout in my graveyard! My Snow White and Prince Charming will be more active than just sitting in the chairs this year. It’s about time they earned their keep and I will have seven rather short, armed men to help keep them in line.

It will still be a couple of weeks until we set it all up, so here’s the link to last year’s yard to enjoy and compare once the new yard is set up. The viewing settings are set to public so anyone can see them.

There are a few favorites posted here but go to the link above to see the rest.


Here’s a picture I’m rather fond of (just did this in 2015 for the first time):  I’ve gotten another dog this year for Brian the Dog Walker to walk along with Oscar there.


See! That lazy Snow White and her Prince haven’t gotten their lazy asses off these chairs for a couple years. We’ll make them work it this year.


Overall, my entire yard is full, but again this was last year. Wait until you see what I do THIS year!


We do the whole spotlight thing so the yard can be seen perfect at night, and maybe make it a little more creepy . . .


I know I will never feel this way about another holiday. Halloween is better than a birthday. I wish it could be celebrated more often. Perhaps every time the moon is full ; I don’t know. I just know I need it more than once a year!

5 thoughts on “My Halloween Addiction

  1. motion sensor that activates a recording of howling wolves, this way when they reach just before the door it scares the —- out of them… combined with a fog machine where skeletons pop up sporadically… yes, this is how we did in in PA… I think if you used these tricks it would be awesome!!! Oh, and great article!!!

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