Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors

Getting ready for the release of Beowulf: The Midgard Epic has been a blast. In honor of its pending drop date, I’ve begun crafting this segment of flash fiction to tie in as a prequel. If you’re like me, Grendel and his mother have always been a point of fascination. This tale gives a backstory to the evil of Midgard. As you weather the whale-road from Geatland to Daneland, enjoy the ride and immerse yourself in an epic tale of horror …


So long ago and far away

Within a place where shadows sway

Evolved an evil out of spite;

Unholy creatures void of light.

An anthem of a mother’s plea

For triumph o’er humanity

Comprised of hate and venom spit.

Coitus in a frothing pit

Evoked a spell of Grindylin-

The witch whose body, wrecked with sin

Perpetuated as a myth

A son named Grendel, kin and kith.

His father, Grundel, creature found

Beneath the lakes of Daneland’s ground

Aroused her loins and called her his;

Together sharing wedded bliss

Begot a child monstrosity

To later breed atrocity.

But for a moment, family ties

Exemplified the trio’s rise

To power in the realms of filth

Provoking land with creatures’ tilth.

Nomadic beings cursed in pain

Descended from the sons of Cain;

The fallen angels lusty seed

Implanted by the mortal’s need

To procreate demonic brood.

The offspring eating men for food.

This Grindylin had siblings, three,

A brother, beastly as could be.

Two sisters, witches just as she-

They rounded out her family.

Unlike the others in the realm,

Unparalleled from stern to helm,

The fearsome four could be as snakes,

Behemoths there beneath the lakes.

Transforming fingers, hands or toes

Into a serpent’s hissing pose.

Indeed, their legs could become tails

Allowing them to slither; scales

Embellished every body part.

The four were envied from the start.

Amazed by all they had beheld,

The other monsters sulked and quelled

The jealous envy’s bated hook

And did so with each hungry look.

A massive beast in Ganther’s form

Displaced him from the beastly norm.

Aside from Grundel, none but he

Eclipsed the lands enormously.

His snakelike features, dragon bred,

A scaly torso; serpent head

And fangs the length of limbs of trees

Convened to bring death to its knees

For even spirits feared the wrath

If ever they stood in his path.

As well, the sisters held their own

Amid the monsters they had known

And yea, were versed in magic spell;

The sisters, spawns of darkest hell.

Amassing power from the veil

Of venom in a poisoned swell.

The first was Gandolina, vile.

The second, Gistolon, her smile

Revealed the manner of a beast.

The sisters both enjoyed to feast

Upon the flesh of mortal men.

Devouring blood and bone and skin,

Compared to other creatures, these

Converged upon the worst degrees,

Expressing nothing in their wake

Except the presence of a snake.

As Gandolina entered first

Into the world of demons, cursed,

Deranged, she had no sympathy,

And deep in her anatomy

Amassed a cruel and daunting heart,

The sum of evil in each part.

Beyond the other three, her reach

Extended deeper; seemed to breech

The underworld and out as well,

Commanding creatures straight from Hell.

Within the lands and far abroad,

She mocked and cursed the name of God

Embellished in the devil’s might.

A power hungry, spawned to fight.

As Gistolon and Ganther grew,

And Grindylin and Grundel, too,

All powerful each creature’s wrath,

Except for Gandolina’s path.

Much more than just of Cain’s descent,

a secret story; her lament

Enveloped and enraged her so,

And bade her strength to ebb and flow.

Convicted by the need to bleed,

Insatiable, her want to feed

Upon the flesh and bone of man

Propelled her forth, a seething plan.

Unto the realm of ancient kings,

Verbose and boastful, bragging things

The devil-woman had surmised.

Reducing size, she came disguised

Embarking on her own free will

Maliciously intent to kill …

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