I’m back!

It feel’s good to be back in the book world! A few Months ago I took a break due to health issues and recently decided to come back to books. Being the first YA Author for SSP is exciting and also not really scary but I do have to step up my game in order to hang with the Adult Authors SSP has. SO… The first book in my Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy is re-releasing in a few weeks and I am super excited! This Short story Series is unique to me because when I started writing it back in 2010, not many authors had written about gargoyles. I am a hard worker and am dedicated and driven to be the best author I can be, so get ready to be taken into my world!

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I sooooo love gargoyles!!! Can’t wait to read your book, Gargoyle Redemption!!!

    Sitting on an ageless perch, the gargoyle watches all
    Calmly peering through the souls of mortals in his thrall
    Elder wisdom, probing minds, and endless mirrored might
    Stony wings becoming flesh; the gargoyle takes to flight
    Out into the city sky, a moonlit wonder’s stream
    Panning over his domain, a lucid, silent dream …

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