Villains and Violence – Part 1

One of our VIP authors takes you down a dark path. And it’s a path led by violence. This is where real horror comes from; real life.

Creepy Ramblings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath

Though one can write about many things unfamiliar with enough research, writing about what you know, especially the things you know fairly intimately, gives a certain amount of authority to your voice. My most successful endeavors thus far certainly fall into this category.

My short novellas Ashley’s Tale and Ashley’s Tale: Making Jake both do a cannonball jump into the deep end of the violence pool but not mindlessly so. They focus on a particularly violent man with a vicious past and a disturbing philosophy and psychology.

My novel Low, which was just picked up by Stitched Smile Publications, revolves around a police officer and shows some of the lowest and most violent elements of society in vivid detail.

I like my villains to be smart, genuinely disturbing, and multifaceted. An atypically shaped peg that does not fit easily into any round, square or otherwise commonly shaped hole. I want…

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