Writing: Always make time

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Time and time you will hear the comment from other writers. Well, I just don’t have the time to write. “Nonsense there is no such thing! Believe me, we all lead busy lives, some of us have a 40 plus hour job, we have kids, chores which need to be done.
However, there is a way to write. I found this lesson out back in 2010. I kept wanting to write and kept making up excuses as to why I could not do it. Then one day my husband said, “If you really love it, you will make time!”
He was right. I did. I cut out time which I spend on watching TV and then I never stopped. I am not saying you have to cut it out all together but I found so much could be done by not watching it. Now do not get me wrong, I still take the time to watch the shows I love. But now I pick certain days to watch them and then the rest of the time I schedule a few hours for writing only.

If I have to change the times of it, I adjust it, but I never go a day without writing. Even on vacation. Another thing I do is carry a notepad and write out stuff when I can. There is something about jotting stuff down on paper and pen.
I also would recommend laying off the social media sites when you write. It is hard to keep the ideas flowing by the constant notifications on FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram, etc. I know we all depend on the Internet to get our work promoted but when writing dedicate the time to only the craft of what you are working on.

Lastly, put passion in it. By this I mean to dedicate the time to it and you will notice how you are growing the seeds to a beautifully nourished garden of creativity and joy to all the readers you reach and this in itself speaks volumes.

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