Put Your Best Grammar Forward

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Grammar matters. Punctuation matters. Proper grammar and punctuation matter. Especially if you are/market yourself as an author. Yes, even on the internet. And in this day and age? Maybe most importantly on the internet.

Now, I’m not talking about the occasional typo or the use/lack of use of an Oxford comma. I’m not harping on ending a sentence with a preposition, or using slang, or any of the broken rules that ultimately add flavor and personality to a piece.

I’m talking about everyday, basic, English 101. I’m talking about capitalizing the first letter of your sentence. I’m talking about ending your sentence with a period. When I get a notification informing you’ve posted in one of the multiple author groups I’m a member of, and I read your post, and this is what follows:

“hey i’m (so-and-so) and i just released my book, (title), its available on Amazon, check it out leave a review k thanks.”

Guess what? I’m probably not going to buy your book, let alone read it. I can’t speak for the person next to me, but you’ve given me no confidence in your writing abilities.

Indie publishing is hard enough. It offers more than enough obstacles for those of us trying to make it in this business. Do yourself (and us) a favor-don’t make it harder. Don’t give your audience such a blatant excuse not to check out what you have to offer. Because the fact is, you might have the best story to tell, the most compelling characters, the most beautifully developed world. But if you can’t construct a proper sentence, the chances of anyone finishing your work decrease. And that’s just depressing.

So dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s.” More importantly, CAPITALIZE your “I’s.”

Much love!


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