5 steps to writing Preparation – Part 3 Mindset By Mark Deloy

To recap our journey into the 5 steps to writing preparation so far, I’ve covered Desire, and perseverance.  Desire is where we started because you have to have that inside of you to ever pick up the pen, or start typing on your MAC.  Perseverance, because there will come a time when you want to stop, quit, say it’s too hard, or delete all your short stories you’ve been writing since you were ten because someone gave you a bad review or a rejection.  So now we come to the last of the super serious top secret (not really) writing preps, Mindset.

Mindset isn’t something you think about.  I know that sounds contradictory, but after the initial decision to write a novel, or a short story, blog or essay, you don’t have to think about it at all.  What you do have to do is adjust it.  Mindset is one of those things that takes hold of you, and all you need to do is give it a little tweak now and then.  Keep carving out that time to write, keep making yourself sit down and work.  It’s all because of the initial mindset that you are going to do it.  There are a lot of times when I get an hour, and I try and talk myself out of working on my novel.  You’ll say things like Oh it’s only an hour; I wouldn’t get that much done anyway.  But you would get something done, and that’s what matters.

There’s another initial mindset that needs to come into play as well, right from the beginning, and that’s the one where you tell yourself you are a writer.  It’s what you were made to do.  Your work will stand out as something original because it comes from your experiences and your heart.  Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, and I don’t mean it like it sounds.  Your heart is where feelings come from in the metaphysical sense, and you’ll need to draw on those feelings as you write.  Draw on the love you’ve experienced, the disappointments, the fears and the pain.  Pull those emotions into your characters and make them real.  The thing about human emotion is we’ve all felt it, and the more of it, you can add to your characters, the more real they become.

Next up – The fun stuff – In the last two Blogs in the series, I’ll cover workspace and fun while writing.




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