Invest In Your Audience

If you want to create a book and market it in 2016, then you need to educate yourself about marketing methods. These ideas need to be at the forefront of your project before you begin to pen it.
Networking your contacts in the area of your expertise, your baseline of friends and family and your email list of people who are interested in seeing you move forward as an author.
Do you have an idea that will help build community interest in your area? Do you have a particular story that you feel you have a unique angle? Is there something new that you have stumbled on that can make an interest group take notice and rally for you?
Or, is your work purely fiction, fun and just simply enjoyable, but sellable?
Being aware of people who are already invested in your idea, or YOU in general while you are working on your manuscript is a great resource which will only increase in value once you have finished your product.
Blogging is important, tweets, Instagram, google+ pictures that are related to your project, groups who you are already interested and like what you are saying or showing via posts are invaluable. Make sure that you do not just throw crap up. People will tweak to that, and your in will soon be an out. Be genuine have fun, show emotion, be invested in the group itself.
DO NOT expect that since you are part of an FB NICHE Group that you will automatically have people who will purchase your work.
This idea that no matter what you throw out because “It’s just words” or “It’s just work” will also come off fake as hell. You may fool your potential audience once or even twice, but they will eventually figure out that all your doing is trying to write something that is close to what they like. People do not like to be treated as if they are stupid.
Write what you know, write what you enjoy. Learn everything that you can about the subject matter and invest in the time it takes to do it well. Then have it properly edited. Your fan base will appreciate that you took the time to do your research and development and will reward you with sales and bring others to buy your works.
Just my 2cents,
Jackie Chin
Marketing Director for Stitched Smile Publications
Producer, Host of Zombiepalooza Radio Live12052463_10204158658201423_3937086368703109353_o

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