Dredging up Memories by AJ Brown


On May 6, 2016,  I had the pleasure of attending the release party for Author AJ Brown or for those of you that know him better Jeff Brown.    He is one phenomenal author for Stitched Smile Publications, and I am so happy to have not only attended this party, but also purchase his book.     Once I began reading this book I could not put it down.  Wow, what is there to say, this is Master Telling at it’s very best.   I give him 5 stars. It is one amazing book and if you have not gone out to get it you need to do so today.

My review: 

Dredging up Memories is the best book I have read in a long time that reflects upon the zombie apocalypse. Author A.J. Brown masterfully creates this amazing story and brings it to life in the main character of Hank Walker. I could not put this book down. This is master storytelling at it’s best. To take a protagonist and put him through so much loss and devastation due to the zombie chaos. Then have him try to keep himself together by finding a bear dressed up in a bunny costume, which he names Humphrey. Then give Humphrey life by imagining the voice a little girl to help him deal with all the tragedies he has to endure as he has to take on the part of arming himself with the task of being the executioner of all the people he cares about who are turning into zombies. How does he find solace? How does he find strength to keep going? As he fights to stay alive and work on being with his family which he hopes found safety after the contamination broke out. His only friend has become Humphrey who appears to tame his sanity. I tell you this is one amazing book and the journey AJ Brown takes us into is just one that a reader should not miss.





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