One on one with author Lori Fontanez



Sylvia Stein (SS):  Tell us about yourself?

Lori Fontanez (LF): I live in a rural area of West Virginia, I am married and have four children. Well, three of them are adults and one still lives at home. I call her the teenager. Lol! I have two cats, Sunshine and Moonshine; they live outside. We also have two dogs. My dog, Millie, is a Boston Terrier. She’s my world. She stays with me at all times. I have fibromyalgia and a few chronic illnesses that sometimes causes me grief. I enjoy reading and writing. I have just learned to sew. I love doing crafts, I have to keep busy so, I even play video games on the Ps4 and the Wii. I like the shooting games.


SS:    How did you get started in writing?

LF:    I’m in the group called ATZ with Jeff Clare, he’s the leader. LOL! Anyways November of 2015 he was going to do an anthology, and I submitted a story. It was accepted, and the book came out around  Christmas. Then I met Lisa Vasquez, and she took me under her wing. I met Veronica Smith and she did a lot for me with editing.  From there I have continued to write and would love to do this full-time. I need to find a place, I can go to write without interruptions.


SS:  What type of books do you write?

LF: I write #Horror, I have always liked scary books, mysteries. Thomas Leeland beta reads and said,”I write like Stephen King.” I love that. My stories can be very twisted and Intense.


SS:   How many books or stories have you published?

LF:    I have a few anthologies stories: ATZ A Very Zombie Christmas, Fifty Shades of Slay,  Grynn anthology, Painted Mayhem and Bite Size Offerings.  I recently have my first solo book out called Stalker.


SS:   What is your current book?

LF: I am working on the paperback of Stalker, It will include a few short stories that never found a home. I sent a ghost story to Lisa Vasquez called The Closet, I’m waiting on her to read through it. Stalker 2 Obsessed is in the works. Mirrors is a creepy story that I have been working on.


SS: What can you tell us about this book?

LF: Stalker is a short story that is intense and is a good story, I don’t want to brag, but I liked this story. The stalker is in the book some just to as an introduction. The second book is very intense, and he will blow your mind.


SS:  What can you tell us about the type of characters you create?

LF:  I create the characters, and they rule me. I plan a story on paper, and the characters take it their way. I like horror so, most of my characters are shifty and not to be trusted.


SS:   Do you have a current book you are working on?

LF: I am working on a few, Stalker 2: Obsessed is first, though.


SS: What is your writing process, do you have a particular schedule you follow?

LF: My schedule is screwed up, I write when I can. There are two many things going on with the after school activities; I have taken my laptop to track meets.


SS:  Do you prefer music when you write?  Why or Why Not?

LF: Most of the time I listen to music, It’s calming and love my rock music when I write. I love AC/DC, Ozzy and Everlast. Lately, it’s been Hoozier. There is more It just depends on my mood.


SS:  What is something we do not know about you?

LF: Yep, I am sentimental, I get my feelings hurt easily, I love helping people. I gather things all the time in case someone needs it. I collect baby clothes mostly and house hold items. Someone in our area is always in need. I knit hats for the cancer society.


LF: Thank you Sly for the interview, It was fun…..Have a great day.
SS:  Thank you for having me, Lori.  Lori Fontanez is an author from Stitched Smile Publications I hope you will take the time to check out her work.   



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my twitter wouldn’t keep the link, but my name is Lori7566 on there


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