Review for Strigoi The First Family by amazing Authors Donelle Pardee Whiting and Michael S. Freeman


The First Family is one page turner you do not want to miss out on. The collaboration by the talents of these two authors Donelle Pardee Whiting and Michael Freeman is so captivating and full of surprises it grabs you from the first page till the very end. I love how they incorporated this story by making it about the history of the family Dracul and going into the history of events and combining the freelance writer who gets invited by the elderly man to speak about the first member of the family which was cursed. This was one captivating plot because I thought they brought out some of Anne Rice’s tendencies as she did in Interview with the Vampire. This has so many historical references in it, but I love how the plot centers around it within the story.

My review of this book is 5 Stars:

Make sure to check this book out today!strigoi


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