Mental Illness in the writing business

I know most people won’t admit publicly that they have a mental health issue in life. You don’t want that to affect your book sales and fan base. But it’s also important for others to know this because it can and does affect your relationships with other authors, editors, etc. Others need to realize that you are different, not in a bad way but in a unique way. You can still write books, promote, and do everything that a normal author does. Except you need to do things at a slower pace so that you don’t get overwhelmed and have panic attacks or whatever happens to you. But it’s important for you to also seek help when you need it so that way you can keep up with your day to day activities. So if you run across an author or anyone who need’s help, please talk to them and make sure they seek the help they need. That will make that person trust you and know that they can depend on you later in life. And if you work with them in the writing business, please be gentle with them because they are going through so much already and need to be dealt with differently but in a good way.


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