The Unfleshed Cover Release Party



On April 5, 2016,  I attended another amazing release party for Stitched Smile Publications where I am an editing and now a marketing intern.     This event was for our amazing Ceo and Boss Lisa Vasquez, who is also an amazing cover designer and author.    For this event, Lisa unveiled the cover for her upcoming book, ” The Unfleshed.”   The event was from 7 -9 p.m. central time.    This event not only had Lisa Vasquez but included other amazing Stitched Smile Authors like  Veronica Smith, Lori Fontanez, Anthony Vidal,  Donelle Pardee Whiting and Jeff Zimmerman.   This was all hosted by our very talented Marketing Director Jackie Chin.   The event offered some amazing prizes and games to help all readers and authors connect. As a new intern for Stitched, I really enjoyed interacting with all the readers and authors.     I was blown away by the amazing cover of The Unfleshed by our very talented Lisa Vasquez.      This was one amazing event, and a very big congratulations goes out to Lisa, Jackie and our very talented authors, winners and all those who attended this fabulous unveiling.












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