Visualizing the Story

I wrote a story called Beneath the Floodwaters. Currently, it is in submission phase for an anthology (fingers crossed). The story summary is this: Some college kids decided to hang out in the park one day to drink. Since the park didn’t allow alcohol or even glass bottles they hiked into the woods with their booze and got lost. A storm hit and the park was already flooding when they finally found their way outside the woods. They got under a shelter and stayed there to ride out the storm. While I can’t give away what happened to them, (You’ll have to buy the book if it is accepted into the anthology), and I can say that within a matter of hours this park has flooded to a couple feet deep and after a day it is at least four feet deep. Now this sounds like an exaggeration, right? You would think that, but I based this story on a park that I drive through on the way to work normally. I know how fast it can flood.

Well, earlier this week this same park flooded. I’m sure everyone has heard about it on the news by now, and the pictures of our city have ‘flooded’ the internet. But a friend posted this picture, and I think this sums it all up.  This is Clay Road, which spans the northern part of this park. You can see the median in the middle of the street. I’d like to tell you which side the park is on but to be honest, I just can’t tell. You can see the street ahead is easily at least four feet deep. And the park is lower than the street so you can imagine how deep that actually got; deeper than the four feet that I wrote in my story – Much deeper.

As the title insinuates there is something beneath the floodwaters. Hopefully at the real Bear Creek Park here, that would never happen. But it makes for great Horror!

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