My Review of talented author Isabel Castruita’s, ” Hell’s Guardian Chronicles: Crimson Savior


Zyra Falls had been in Witness Protection her whole life until the Red System attacked. Struggling to survive, she has to learn to become a Hunter and control her latent powers. But will Queen Velika take her revenge out on Zyra and the innocent Lugat? Or will Zyra do what she must do to save them from her wrath?


My review:  I gave this book 5 Stars it is Wickedly engaging  

I think this is one wickedly engaging book by Author Isabel Castruita. From page one to the very end. This story keeps your adrenaline pumping, and I loved the main protagonist of Zyra Falls. Immediately the pacing in the story begins as Zyra is trying to stay under hiding but then the red system attacks and it all changes for her. This Book one by author Castruita is entitled, Crimson Savior ( Hell’s Guardian Book 1 also introduces other characters which come into play in Zyra’s story. This is one book that keeps you going and at the edge of your seats. I am excited to read the next one.


If you have not picked up this book yet you should do so:  It is available:




Isabel Castruita is the author of YA urban fantasy novels. Born and raised in Colorado, she works on her two series full-time. A Gemini, who became inspired to become a writer after reading novels like Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale, the Resident Evil series by S.D. Perry, and the Vampire Academy and Bloodline series by Richelle Mead. A lifelong reader, Isabel has always had a fascination with the supernatural and the paranormal as well as folklore. She enjoys watching creepy ghost shows and is obsessed with anime. Isabel recently signed with: Stitched Smile Publications and her books are being re-released in March 2016.



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