Being an Intern at Stitched Smile Publications

I know it has only been a couple of months, but I wanted to say how pleased I am to have selected to be an intern at Stitched Smile Publications.  Wow, from the first day that I began as an editing intern for this fabulous group of people it was an instant fit.   Lisa Vasquez, who is the Ceo, was so warm and welcoming and from the get go just took me under her wing and introduced me to this great team that is just so organized but above all work together and help one another.   I loved meeting everyone from Jackie Chin, who is another amazing Marketing Director to all the other wonderful editors and authors.  Stitched Smile Publications is going far and it is a great place to begin an internship if you want to learn about what it takes to be an Author, Editor, Marketing Director, and also about Graphic design.  There are so many talented people here from the amazing editors, assistant editors, Authors and Graphic Designers.   There are also those involved in Beta Reads, Street Teams.   I am enjoying working with the Authors, and helping the other editors and learning so much about it.   I am now also helping to learn more about Marketing with the talented Jackie Chin and also hoping to learn more from our Ceo Lisa Vasquez, who is also an amazing author and Graphic designer.     When I graduated from Southern New Hampshire with a Master’s Degree in English and Creative Writing at SNHU, I always thought I would be interning before graduating but never found a right fit.   Luckily, I found SSP through my Career Advisor at SNHU Recruit and I am now focusing all of my energies on becoming the best editor I can be for the other authors while also learning so much about what it takes to be a successful Author and creating your own brand through Stitched Smile Publications which is only an added bonus for myself as an indie Author.     I love being a part of this amazing team and I hope to only grow with them.  wpid-fb_img_1446066964666.jpg

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