Release Party for Strigoi The First Family



On March 30, 2016, Stitched Smile Publications had another release party.    This time, it was for Donelle Pardee Whiting who is not only an editor for SSP but also a first-time author.    But this release party included SSP’s Graphic Designer, Filmmaker, and Author Michael Freeman.   You see both Donelle and Michael collaborated together on these two amazing books entitled Strigoi & Strychnine Book release event.    The event was called Strigoi The First Family, and it was held on FaceBook from 6-9 p.m. central.    This event was very exciting and included other authors such as Jeff Brown, who is another SSP author, Anthony R. Vidal, Derrick Lacombe, Heath Stallcup and Mike Evans.    This event began with both authors Donelle and Michael headlining their big releases.   I was so excited to take part in attending as an editing intern.  I really enjoyed this amazing online party.   Kudos goes out to the entire Stitched Smile Publications Staff, especially our boss Lisa Vasquez and also to our Marketing Director, Jackie Chin.


If you have not gotten your copy of these two amazing books:   Check them out now.   I hope you will get your copy today.




Summary of Strigoi:


Not all monsters are made. Some are born. And sometimes, history gets it wrong.

A freelance writer is invited to an elderly man’s home to witness his telling of the family history to his sons. The patriarch’s reason for requesting a stranger into his home as he shares his tale is a simple one. He wants the young man to write the true history of Family Dracul, to trace the lineage back to the very first member of a family cursed. But, the old man has another agenda. He wants to warn humanity; what happened in the past was nothing compared to what is to come.









Summary of Strychnine:



What if the Zombie Apocalypse was man made, but not the way we think? It wasn’t some virus that started with patient zero resulting in an accidental outbreak. It is true, it was a bio-weapon that when released failed to accomplish what scientists created it to do, and it had an unintended side effect.

And, what if werewolves did exist, but they haven’t been our enemy for years until one ruthless man bent on domination is turned?

Strychnine is the story of two brothers torn apart by an experiment forcing them to fight against one another. It is also the name of a metal band made up of another set of brothers and their girlfriends.

Life for Thorne, his girlfriend, Blaze; his brother, Seminole; and Seminole’s girlfriend, Spaz, is about to be flipped on end as they find out zombies are real, werewolves have always been real, and certain werewolves are mankind’s saviors and its enemies at the same time.

After being bitten by a werewolf fighting for mankind’s survival, Thorne unwittingly creates his small pack to continue the fight over the worst kind of terrorist, one with large fangs and claws.



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