Are you reaching into those deep emotional recess’ of your mind to bring out the potential of your unique perspective? 

Are you reaching into those deep emotional recess’ of your mind to bring out the potential of your unique perspective? 

Are you writing for a particular genre or simply because it’s popular?

If you are only doing it because you believe there is money to be gained; then writing might not be for you. However, if you are writing in a genre you love that completely fascinates you then this is an excellent way to learn more about who you are and the people who are fans of the genre.

Do you stick to a writing schedule?

Setting down and committing to write a certain amount of words-per-day, per-week or per-month will help you adjust to keeping your goal clear and concise.

Are you afraid of being criticized? 

Do you worry that no one will like your work, or that you will look silly for daring to write publicly?  You are far from being alone. Many authors fear having their works laughed at and misunderstood. James Patterson, Stephen King, William Faulkner, Richard Bach and even Ernest Hemingway all worried they would never find someone who would enjoy their creations. And before you decide that you are no King or Hemingway — that’s fine you are not supposed to be. You are an original creative force who has your own voice and perspective. Get out and WRITE!

Do you edit as you write? 

Many writers often edit as they produce. Though some see it as a  form of procrastination; editing while still in primary stages of creation can stifle the process entirely. Having the confidence to simply keep writing until the manuscript is finished then going through the editing process is not always easy, but it can help to motivate you to completion.

Do you use a professional editor?

There is no doubt that the editing process is a daunting one for some. Allowing your manuscript to be approached by someone with whom you have had no prior relationship with has been described as filled with anticipation or downright terrifying.

Here is some perspective for you: typo’s, verbosity, syntax errors, character deviations, and inconsistencies just to name a few can be avoided by employing the best editor you can afford.

Do you have the idea that you can simply write and then pass it off to the publishing house to do all the rest?

Perhaps 30+ years ago this was the expected route of many authors. In 2016, the leading publishing houses will not push your book unless you already have an extensive fan base, and even then it may not be what you feel you need to represent your work.

Today you must be a willing participant in your own creative venture. You are an entrepreneur, a brand, a unique perspective into the voice of your chosen genre. The most important decision you will make while you are creating your work is to define who you are, what you are creating and why we are the public should give a damn and buy it.


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