Cory’s Way by AJ Brown

First off I must say that this book is amazing! I was blown away by the story, the characters and most of all they way it made me feel. I think a lot of the time when reading a book we love the story but don’t really make a connection with the characters and what they are experiencing. That is not the case in this book! In the first chapter I was mad, very angry, sad, scared, hopeful and totally in love with Cory. I wanted to take him home and let him be my child. I wanted to protect him and hold his hand and you will too.

Cory is a typical kid who has had a hard life. The hand he was dealt was rather unkind to him. He could be any one of us. His dad has walked out leaving his mom to pay all the bills and to try to raise Cory on her own. They have moved to a new town and that means a new school. They aren’t nice to Cory and he has a vicious pair of bothers who have him in their sights. That is until he meets Mr Washington. The unlikely duo become fast friends. Along the way Cory makes friends, falls in love, lives through a death and goes on quite an adventure.

There is another story inside this story quietly running in the background. There are kids missing in the next town. The disappearances are getting closer to home and kids from school are gone. But I can’t tell you anymore than that about this because I don’t want to spoil the book for you.

Like I said earlier AJ Brown has a remarkable talent for telling a story. He has a gift and has honed it to a perfect point. It is my opinion that if you have not read something by this author you are truly missing out on a tremendous experience.

AJ Brown is not only an amazing author but a great guy that I’m proud to know.
Whatever you do AJ don’t stop! Ever!!

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