Collision Course

Action, suspense, love and murders. This book is full of it all! Be prepared to put everything else on hold when you pick up this book because you will not want to put it down! I can not recommend it enough!

The action starts from jump and never stops. These two authors mesh so well together that I never knew what part one wrote from the other.

There are two story lines going on in this book until they collide and it all blows up! The first story line follows a man that is a hired gun for a company and has been assigned a mission to kill a scientist and steal his research. He leaves destruction a mile wide in his path. I won’t tell you if he gets the job done but he ends up going rogue and I can’t tell you why.

The second story line follows a cop who has lost a lot in her young life. She has a drinking problem and has be removed from duty. When she arrives home there is a mysterious job offer waiting for her from a company she has never heard of and can’t seem to find anything out about on line. She figures she has nothing left to loose so she goes to the interview. They like her and want her for her research skills. She accepts the job and the rest you will have to read because I am not spoiling this awesome story.

Please read this amazing story and share it with your friends. I promise you won’t be sorry!!

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