A brand new experience

As I am approaching the date of graduation for my Master’s degree this July, it was recommended to me by my career adviser to start to look into internships in my desired field. With my busy schedule it was very hard to find something that fits into my life with a full time job and finishing my degree in creative writing, so my main focus was looking for publishing companies that offer a virtual element, so I can work around my schedule.

After several trial and errors with different companies, I stumbled onto the “intern wanted” ad for Stitched Smile. I did a little bit of background to see what I would be getting myself into, and discovered who they work with and what they do here. All of it is very new territory for me.

I wouldn’t say that I am the most experienced when it comes to horror. I do enjoy a good vampire or zombie story and love monster movies, but when it comes to the scare the pants off you kind of stuff, I’ve always a bit stand offish. However, there was something about this company that made me press the “submit” button. The fact that they are just starting out, much like I am. That they are small and looking to grow. That’s the experience I want to be a part of; I want to have a hand, albeit a small one, in helping a company grow. The best place to do that is in a small company where you can see how your work actually effects the people around you. That’s what I found most important when deciding where to apply. I know that with more exposure I can open myself up to new experiences and genres that I’ve never fully experienced before.

In a very fast week and a half, I was accepted into the Stitched Smile community. I’ve met the family of people that works for this company and been welcomed with opened arms, which has been so wonderful. I know I have made the right choice in deciding to accept this internship. Now, I am an editor for a publishing company. It’s been a very crazy week for me, but it’s been a great experience thus far.

I feel as if this is a perfect opportunity to introduce myself more fully to the Stitched Smile Staff as well as the other associated with the company. I have been writing as long as I can remember. I had my first story “published” in first grade. I don’t remember all the details, but I know that we were studying how books were made. So we got to write and make our own books. Mine was a fairy tale about a Princess, her imaginary friend and the adventures they went on. It has a pink laminated cover, and it famed and sitting in my hope chest with the other relics of my childhood.

I caught the writing bug for keeps in middle school when I discovered Harry Potter shortly after the second book had been released. It was that series: how it changed the way I felt about reading, what a story can do to change person, how a story can end up shaping a life; that made me certain that I wanted to be able to do the same thing. Since 6th grade I have amassed a great collection of stories in notebooks and binders. This love for writing lead me to take as many writing and literature course as I could in high school. That got me into a Mass Media and Communications class my senior year. Through that class I learned the some of other side. I got a peak into publishing companies, as well as a bit of a behind the scenes in television, radio and newspapers. That class helped from my decision to major in communications, with a concentration in English in college. There I was able to find my own writing style and learn from my peers how to critically and thoughtfully edit others works. I received my bachelors in Communication, English concentration from Thomas College in Waterville, Maine in 2009.

In 2013, I decided that I wanted to take my education in writing and literature a little bit farther and enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University’s creative writing– fiction program. I have two classes to go before all the hard work there pays off and I get to hold that degree in my hand.

What I am hoping to gain from working at Stitched Smile Publications is that hands on knowledge that can’t be found in a book. This is a side of the industry that I’ve been very interested in for a long time. I am very excited to get started and begin my journey here.


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