Open Submission Call – anthology “Deadline”


Title: Deadline
[EMAIL us at for FULL details before you submit]
Premise:  On the dark net, the backdoor of the internet where the most deplorable go to sate their diabolical needs, there is a website designed for serial killers. They post their expressions of sadism, download images that make most peoples’ stomachs turn, and they form a network of others like themselves.

A game has begun. The ringleader, who’s known only as Dark_Inside, has proposed a challenge and only the most elite of predators will be successful. A target’s name is given out with only their picture. The predator must find them, kill them, and then bring their “trinkets” to a designated meeting place on a certain date. The winner will be selected from those that arrive by the “dead”line.

Background:  Each person writing to submit will choose a well-known/documented serial killer. You may not use their real name. You will give clues to who the serial killer is by their online name, method of killing, etc.
Compensation: All profits will go to Houston Area Women’s Shelter which serves the community of families who suffer from crisis and abuse.
Contributors will receive 2 paperback copies.
Publisher: Stitched Smile Publications in collaboration with Monique Happy of Monique Happy Editorial Services
Requirements:  3-5k words
Deadline:  June 1, 2016 by midnight CST
Winners will be ANNOUNCED no later than August 15th 2016 on Stitched Smile Publications Facebook and Monique’s Facebook. You must LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to each so that you’re up to date on the selection process!


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