Thoughts on writing ideas . . .

I love the way being a writer makes you see things differently.  My husband had a horrible nightmare a couple weeks ago and instead of being sympathetic I pulled out my laptop and told him to give me all the details so I could turn it into a short story.  A week later I had a nice 2000 word story out of it.  Then a friend at work commented on the horrible nightmare she had the night before.  I sat down and listened to her then pulled out a pen and paper and asked her to tell it to me again.  She also agreed to let me write a story based on it. Still working on that one.

Sometimes it takes the most normal thing to make me want to write something.  We just came back from a 5-day cruise to Mexico and our stateroom was at the front of the ship (I mean really the front – we were the 4th cabin from as far front as you could be). So the hallway spanned the entire length of the ship.  When we were walking down the very narrow hall you could see people coming from the other end and it was very disorienting. It was like looking at a mirrored hall where your reflection comes at you.  Yup, more fodder for stories. Gonna let that one stew a bit.

Even when I had to get a colonoscopy back in December, (turning 50 sucks) the first thing I thought when I came out of the anesthesia was damn this could make a great story if something whacked out while I was under.

It doesn’t matter what you write about or where you get your ideas (I get ideas just driving home during my hour long commute home). What matters is that you write.  Get it out of your head and down on paper or on computer. Carry a recorder around; use it remember those great ideas.  I keep one in my purse and use it all the time.

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