Get Rewarded For Reading!


We want to give you stuff!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.


Every month we’d like to offer our loyal readers a gift. It’s our way of saying thanks! One lucky winner will win a Stitched Smile Publications tote with surprise gifts inside.

How? I’m so glad you asked!
You have three ways to increase your chances.

1. Submit a picture holding any SSP book out somewhere cool. A local business, a library, landmark, etc. …or

2. Purchase a dead tree version of any SSP book. Submit proof of purchase via email…or

3. Purchase any ebook on release day and submit proof of purchase.

All emails for this contest must be sent to:

If you submit a review of any SSP book, screen shot it for a chance to win something top secret! This screen shot must also be submitted to the same email above.

The best part? You can pick any option you want, to enter. OR pick more than one for multiple entries!

Happy reading!!

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