Something Personal

Dream With Me

I was browsing the stats for our site this evening and got a glimpse of how far we’ve reached around the globe. From New York to Finland and many places in between.

One of the things that makes this company so amazing to me is that when I started it I had no idea people would believe in what I was doing.

I’ve had such an outpouring of support, not only from friends and family, but from my two chief officers, and my circle of staff. Everyday, I sign online and I’m greeted with such excitement and enthusiasm. They really love what we do. They really enjoy being a part of this company.

Jackie, my Chief Marketing Officer, asked me the other day, “Are you happy?”

I didn’t even have to think. I said, “I’m ecstatic.”

At this point in the game I still have a thousand wishes. Each one is for the success of my authors, the success of my staff, and the chance to really make a difference in the lives that we touch.

Stitched Smile Publications is not only a dream for me, it is an inspiration to others.

My Chief Creative Officer, Michael Freeman, has expanded us to a whole new branch. I never thought we’d be able to venture into the world of comics and graphic novels, but here we are! The talent out there just waiting to be given the chance is vast. We can’t wait till we meet them all.

If I had to make one wish that was personal, for myself, I’d say that I’d like to travel. Everyone says that, I know. But I’d like to visit places I’ve never been to and reach out even further to inspire more writers and illustrators. To talk about how being “indie” is something they can be proud of.

And I’ll be honest… Italy is on my bucket list of places I’d like to get lost in for a little while. I’d like to write from there while enjoying the culture, and the beauty. I hope that within the next two years I make it, if for nothing else than to inspire others to keep dreaming, to keep fighting for those dreams, and to not allow doubt to creep in.

I’ll be posting pictures of Italy. I don’t know when…But I will.

#dreams #goals #Italy


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