Grand Opening Updates!


JANUARY 3rd, 2016

WHAT THIS EVENT IS: An author spotlight to celebrate the grand opening of Stitched Smile Publications.  We have a terrific list of authors who will be talking about their creative works. There will be prizes, games, lots of great conversation.  All to help celebrate this grand occasion.

WHERE THE EVENT WILL BE SEEN: Join us on our Facebook page

This list for Grand Opening on January 3, 2016 11:00 AM EST times please check your zone for correct time in your area.

I am willing to take this up to 11 pm so there are still spots to take 30 minutes a piece. I need a donation to be given during your time spot, and your sweet self to have fun.

11:00 AM PM Barnes
11:30 AM Kyra Dune
12:00 PM Forbes West
12:30 PM David Youngquist
1:00 PM Derrick LaCombe
1:30 PM Edward P. Cardillo
2:00 PM Jeff Brown
2:30 PM Alex S. Johnson
3:00 PM David Reuben Aslin
3:30 PM Angela Carina Barry
4:00 PM Tony Sarrecchia
4:30 PM Charles Garcia
5:00 PM Thom Erb
5:30 PM Bobby Akart
6:00 PM Charles Phipps
6:30 PM Chris Philbrook
7:00 PM Scott Lefebvre
7:30 PM James Dean
8:00 PM Zeb Carter
8:30 PM Dave Moon
9:00 PM Kenneth Chin
9:30 PM Matthew Davenport
10:00 PM John Prescott
10:30 PM Derrick Whiteskycloud
11:00 PM Sean Hoade

Lisa Vasquez CEO and Founder of Stitched Smile Publications

Jackie Chin  Marketing Director for Stitched Smile Publications

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