Marketing 101: The Art of Branding

Marketing 101:  The Art of Branding

One of the things to consider during the writing process is to think about how you want to be viewed by your readership.

Yes, you want to create and connect with like-minded people, but you also need to consider how you will connect. Your choice of communications will determine if you will fit into the niche in which you seek.

Understanding your audience, giving yourself a sense of direction and purpose. Identify your goal, define your purpose, and understand who you are trying to reach.

Communicating clearly to engage your readership. Did you know the even the font on your web page, the colors you choose, the way you have your videos, which photos you choose all define you?

Companies such as Starbucks, Target, & Google are known for their exceptional branding. The focus on the customer and their customer service standards are extremely high. This allows for each of the stores to work as a team and sell effortlessly.


What should you be considering when you’re designing your brand as a writer?

Identity: Own the fact that you are a writer. Among other things you do; you are also a creative who writes. Be proud of the fact that you decided to take your ideas and bind them to paper.

Express yourself clearly:  Do not try to be evasive. Do not pick so many things that you like in order to fit into the genre. Pick a few things that are important to you and connect with your readership on social media. Doing this will help you be seen as an expert. Or at the very least concerned about things that are important to them.

Remain focused: Pick topics of discussion no matter if you are on social media or in person that pertain to those around you. Your audience will decide if they are hearing what you’re saying, or if you’re off path. You’re not going to appeal to everyone. Here is a clue – You’re not supposed to. Once you have found your niche you will be more focused. Relax it takes time and perseverance.

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat:  Repetition helps people understand that your values, rationales, & nature will remain the same. Never take for granted that people will follow you no matter what you throw out there.  Always be in the process of helping others to move forward. Allow for others to see how you’re motivating yourself to stay on track. Teach others what works so that they too may be successful.

Everyone has a story:  Engaging people on multiple levels will help you not only gain traction for success; it will allow those who may not be where you are now to learn from you. Tell your story, be sincere. If you have had trials and have risen above tell them.  Engagement is extremely important to convey who you are and stay in the spotlight.

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