Stitched Smile Publications Grand Opening!

Date: January 3rd (Sunday) 2016
Time: 11 A.M. CST – 8 P.M. CST

Time Slots are available! 30 min – 1 hour … If you’re interested please be willing to donate a gift or two to the event and email me at with your preferred time slot. These are first come first serve, so in addition to your preferred time slot, please give me a time of day that works best for you (morning, afternoon, evening).

Our Grand Opening Event scheduled for January 3rd, 2016 participant list as of 12-22-15

PM Barnes
Jeff Brown
Todd Barselow
Scott Lefebvre
Jonathan McCoy
David Reuben Aslin
James Dean
Alex S. Johnson
Edward P. Cardillo
Tony Sarrecchia
Derrick LaCombe
Charles Garcia
Kenneth Chin
David Youngquist
Thom Erb
Bobby Akart
Charles Phipps
Chris Philbrook

Also, as a special donation to our event there will be a signed book from Mr. Jonathan Maberry I can not begin to tell you how amazing I felt when he wanted to say good job on getting the position at the press.

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