Marketing 101: The Author Platform

Creating your manuscript, obtaining a great way to publish, and selling your works is indeed a tremendous achievement.  However, have you thought about how you will create an image of yourself as an author?  This article will help you develop a strong presence, and give you the confidence to approach new venues.


Rules of engagement as an Author begin with a knowledge base of authority.  Interacting with people who align themselves with your frame of thought gives you the ability to tap into resources that perhaps were slightly beyond your reach.

On Zombiepalooza Radio Live we often talk about the 3 R’s:

Realism:  Are you producing a persona that your potential readers will believe? Do you have your concepts working for you or against you? Create your bio. Take advantage of the opportunity to highlight your expertise and accomplishments by creating a bio to use where your name appears online (guest posts) or when being introduced offline (speaking engagements).

Research: Have you done everything you can to become an authority on the subject you have created in? Will it be enough to be considered a good fit in the niche you have geared towards? Research your market, niche or genre. Study the competition. Search Google with keywords specific to your market or genre; who pops up? Search your favourite or popular authors in your genre; what are they doing–or not doing–that you can adapt to your writer platform strategy?

Reach: What is your demographic? Who would want to read your work(s)? What are you doing to encourage, engage and enrich your audience? Be everywhere. Or at least be wherever your ideal readers are. Consider incorporating one or more of these social media networks into your platform building strategy: GoodreadsAmazon Author CentralinstagramFacebookGoogle+,YouTube





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