You’ve been chosen for a Radio Interview

Congratulations your hard work has paid off and you are finally ready for your close up on Zombiepalooza Radio. Internet radio has reached such proportions that it can no longer be ignored. Those who listen to internet radio are extremely engaged in their favorite programming and buy products.

The key trends driving Internet radio include:

• User Growth: from today at 160 million to 183 million in 2018 • Time Spent Listening Growth: displacing traditional audio

• Revenue Growth: from both subscriptions and advertising Consumer Behaviors

• A Favorable Demographic: Internet radio hits all demographics but skews to tomorrow’s audience of Millennials and younger

• Shift to Mobile Listening: mobile is the driver of growth and future of listening

• Reaching Consumers on Mobile: 95% of listening is now on mobile devices

• Listening While Otherwise Occupied: 79% of music listening is done while multitasking Radio

• What about Broadcasters: traditional advertising is falling while digital revenue grows.

Internet radio should be incorporated into your advertising plan.


So you have made the official show date to talk about your works and accomplishments.  What should you do to prepare? IT’S SHOWTIME!  Before you go on the air, have your book and notes handy. Make sure to have at least 4-5 key points you want to cover during the interview so you can stay on track. Your websites, and any other information that is important to locating you on the internet, or by email needs to be in your possession.  Isolate yourself to a quiet area prior to the call. You want to  make sure that you are heard clearly and there are no interruptions.

Being interviewed is much like giving a performance. Do your best to appear natural, spontaneous, and relaxed. This takes some practice. If you know your genre well, and are confident in your works, the uneasiness will usually disappear quickly. Preparation always brings confidence and security. Most of all enjoy yourself this is your time to shine.

I listen  carefully to what the guest has to say and HOW they say it, so bring your A Game. Your passion for your works is what makes you believable, and engaging to our audience. Be relevant, we are not interested in what you had to eat 3 days ago, nor what your favorite beverage is. We want to know how you take a concept and run with it to post production. Then we want to know why our audience should buy it.

A radio interview is a accomplished in 3 parts. Who are you, what do you produce, and why our audience should listen and interact with you. Don’t fail this test.  I want your opinion.  I want the real you. Offer your input and perspective. Be inspiring, provocative, believable, different and memorable. Look at this opportunity as an audition; a genuine tryout to showcase what you are capable of to a willing and listening audience that has grown strong over the past 3 years.

Make sure that you are ready and waiting by your computer with a headset and mic attached, or your smartphone, app & headset.  As a producer I need to know that you are standing by and ready at least 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time. It makes things much easier knowing that you are ready to go and committed to do your best.

Have your book handy to talk about different aspects.  Use tags that label various sections so that it makes for easy reference. Then if a specific topic suddenly pops up, you can go right to it.

Weave the name of your book into the conversation make it a necessary part of the equation.  Your on Zombiepalooza Radio Live to promote yourself, your talents and your work(s). Mention the name of your current work and other’s that you have done in the past. This adds to credibility and your knowledge base.  Practice talking about your book with others. Don’t be shy. Your happy with what you produced, and those who care about you will be happy to help you.

**Reader Note It’s also a good idea to know who is interviewing you. Research the show.  Ask questions. All this helps you to relate to our audience. Google us we love to hear feedback. The more you know the better your experience on Zombiepalooza Radio Live will be.



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